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Who We Are

Tactical Close Protection (TCP) company is business and contracting company operating in Qatar and UK, (TCP) is operating business in worldwide, has Its network of closely affiliated group companies in the MENA Region.

Our company had been founded to lead the local and international industry by providing integrated services along-with comprehensive Logistic Services in support of :

  • Personal/Corporate Bodyguard / and Close Protection Services
  • Escorting personnel and assets
  • Residential Security Checks and Private Security
  • VIP Vehicles and Chauffeur.
  • Private Security Driver
  • Private Bodyguard / Escort
  • Pre-event threat assessments and Executive Protection, Due Diligence, Intelligence, Travel Risk Management (TRM), Security Consultancy, Logistics, Inter-alia, US. Army, USG, its Coalition Forces, DOD and civilian contractors with; Security Services, Life Support Services, Non-Tactical Vehicles, develop international standards for security procedures and we look forward to sharing knowledge, expertise and best practice from around the globe with the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup for the benefit of future major sporting events.


We understand the risks faced in different working environments, and we are qualified enough to identify, detect, and mitigate all these risks. In doing this our clients will have their physical properties, reputation, and families protected. We are experts at what we do and that’s why we usually receive repeat clients and referrals.

Close Protection Services

Training Focused to be Proactive rather than Reactive, the crime rate in worldwide has been rising steadily in the recent past. Cases of homicides, knife attacks, gunshots have all been reported by the Metropolitan Police. The Office of National Statistics has reported grim figures about criminal activities in the world and the surrounding areas. Thefts, armed robberies, and drug offenses, all increased. Criminals in worldwide do not only target businesses, but also individuals, especially those they believe are financially well off, like VIPs, celebs, or business magnates. That’s why if you fall into this category, you’ll need security services and close protection. The nature of your work may also necessitate having bodyguards. All our bodyguards are certified, licensed, and registered. They undergo rigorous background checks before we hire them. We only employ honest guards with clean, non-criminal records. After hiring, they undergo fresh training so they can know how to protect our high- profile clients like eminent sports personalities, celebrities, industrialists.

Personal/Corporate Bodyguard

Even if you don’t want to hire bodyguards for yourself, you can hire them for your guests, top officials, or high-ranking employees. Whatever the reason you have for hiring bodyguards, Our Services is here for you. We are a forward-looking security company that understands that security is a basic need, and everyone needs dedicated protection everywhere else in the world.  That’s why we adopt certain security measures, focusing on  both the aesthetics, as well as thend material needs.

We combine these two aspects of security to ensure our clients have peace of mind. We base material security on strategic mathematical calculations that help us determine the likelihood of certain risks becoming real and, thereby, taking the necessary measures to protect our clients. The aesthetic aspect of our security system is about how our bodyguards carry themselves and the way they dress up.

Escorting Personnel and Assets

The protection of priceless and high-value assets from criminals is a concern for all businesses and individuals in Worldwide. If you own such high-value goods, you need to hire close protection services to ensure your valuable assets are safe. They know very well which helps them to plan your protection no matter where you want to travel to or whether you want to stay in this region. We have an intelligent cell that provides us with up-to-the-minute terror and security threat analysis. Our company is equipped with sophisticated monitoring and tracking technology that provide real-time tracking so quick action can be taken.

VIP Vehicles and Security Driver Services

Our company has trained drivers comprising former military and law enforcement personnel, they are trained officers with a wealth of experience as security chauffeurs & security drivers. In addition to trained and professional security drivers, you’ll be transported by a trained and vetted security chauffeur. We usually enhance our services by offering close protection services in to boost the security of our high-valued customers. Our drivers have undergone thorough training to enable them to have the ability to deal with a variety of situations such as the presence of overzealous fans or media, a disgruntled crowd, car-jacking, armed ambush, or kidnap.

Pre-Event Threat Assessments

Our approach to event security starts with a comprehensive threat assessment, analyzing both the macro and micro threat environments associated with the event, such as its host(s), the venue/environment, known or expected attendees, sponsors, historical events and political agendas. Our goal is to provide the host or coordinating committee with a realistic understanding of the real-time threat environment and what potential elements may impact the safety and security of those involved, derail the agenda/narrative or negatively impact the reputation/brand of the host. You may also need to protect information and assets. To plan an event well, you need to:

  • appoint qualified people to security roles
  • consider the threats
  • develop a security plan
  • inspect possible venues
  • manage event preparation


Tactical Close Protection (TCP) delivers the 14 Day Highfield Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry program.

Course Topics

Providing the required theoretical knowledge and extensive practical skills to work as an effective and valuable Close Protection Operative:

  • Roles & Responsibilities of the CPO
  • Threat & Risk Assessments
  • Dynamic Risk Assessments
  • Suveillance Awareness
  • Conduct Reconnaissance
  • Operational Planning
  • Law & Legislation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Etiquette & Dress Codes
  • Teamwork & Briefing
  • Close Protection Foot Drills
  • Evacuation Drills & Use of Cover
  • Route Selection & Close Protection Journey Management
  • Search Procedures
  • Incident Management
  • Venue Security
  • Principle Profiling & Case Studies
  • Applying Communication Skills
  • Use of Communication Equipment
  • Individual Bodyguarding
  • Security Advance Party Tasking
  • Identifying Hostile Surveillance Locations
  • Unarmed Combat & Personal Safety
  • Vehicle Drills & Advanced Tactics
  • Team Leader Preparation

Membership & Registrations

Our Company Tactical Close Protection (TCP) fully registered with the International and US. Federal government for Contracts and grants.

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